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We're a small team that very works hard to make Nibana happen. You can support us by getting your ticket early. We'll offer the cheapest tickets to those who pre-register, so join the list :)

Common questions

What was Nibana 2019 like?

It was an absolutely life changing experience for many of us. You can read all about it.

How many people will be at Nibana?

Like in 2019, we welcome up to 250 people at Nibana, including team members.

We’ve specifically chosen this amount of people on the terrain. It's to offer variety and adventure throughout the week and small enough to be surrounded by familiar faces by the end of it. The terrain and program are designed in such a way that it’s natural to connect with the people around you.

What does the terrain look like?

Nibana takes place on a beautiful strestched out terrain in the Loire Valley in France. Check out the photos.

You can easily get to Nibana by car, by shuttle bus or by train, which is all explained on the practical info section.

There are multiple social centers, like the workshop areas, the camping grounds and the center camp, which is like a big living room. There's a wellness area, a sacred fire, a silent area and plenty of nature and forest to enjoy.

There are two lakes nearby and a very cute village where you can get all your groceries. We're surrounded by beautiful French fields where you can watch an amazing sunset. And the stargazing at night is amazing.

How do I get there, what do I eat and where do I sleep?

You can get to Nibana by car or by train. Or by shuttle bus from The Netherlands. Shuttle bus tickets are available above in the tickets section. Detailed transport info can be found in the practical info section.

You can cook yourself, which means you'll bring your own gear and food. There's a supermarket in the nearby village. And we have a freezer available so you can freeze your freeze-packs and keep your stuff cool in your own cool box.

Every morning a baker will come to the terrain with a selection of bread.

There's also a delicious vegan meal plan, which offers three meals a day (€175 per week) or only dinner (€99 per week). Both of these can be ordered here in the ticket section (scroll up).

Most people bring their own tent or a van to sleep in. Cars have to be parked on the parking lot. And you can rent a bed in one of our dorm tents or rent one of the cute little bungalows. All of this can be found here in the ticket section (again scroll up).

Why is Nibana a full week?

We have 48-hour and 72-hour events available in winter. Attending Nibana for a full week is something else. It may take you a little while to get warmed up, but once you do, being at Nibana for a full week is quite an experience.

The program has been designed in a particular way. We start slowly, build it up during the week, and then have a smooth landing at the end of the week again.

Each day there are multiple time-windows during which you can offer or participate in workshops. There are also specific moments to reflect on what we've experienced and to share this with fellow participants. And there are moments where we connect as a group.

Attending Nibana for a full week gives you the opportunity to enjoy all different aspects of the festival in a relaxed way.

So you can participate in the workshops, relax in the wellness area, but also do things like taking a bar-shift, enjoying the nature on the terrain, sitting around the fire while looking at the stars or just do nothing for a day.

We invite you to give yourself some time to arrive, to enjoy, and then to integrate all of your experiences.

What is it like to attend Nibana by myself?

Nibana has been designed with sole attendees in mind and it's very important to us that everyone can feel at home. We start each day with an opening ceremony where we connect as a group and also in smaller groups with fellow participants. During the workshops it's very natural to connect with new people. There are four workshop time-windows each day.

And then there is a center camp, which is like the living room of Nibana. You can come here to hang out, chill out and connect with people. There's the wellness, a fireplace and shared eating moments, so there are lots of moments and places where you automatically connect with new people.

If for whatever reason you're feeling uncomfortable or you want some help or just a chat, there's an emotional support team that you can talk to.

Bottom-line, it's a bit like studying abroad. You can go do it with friends. You can do it by yourself. If you do it by yourself, you probably meet the most new people and it's probably the deepest learning experience.

We wrote a blog post with some social tips that may come in handy if you're attending by yourself.

What's the role of nudity & sexuality?

We believe sexuality and nudity are a natural part of life, which is why we've thought very carefully about how to include them in Nibana. We offer a broad program and Conscious Sexuality is just one of six workshop themes. So if you want, you will be able to find it.

All genders are allowed to be topless on the terrain. We do ask that you generally wear some sort of bottoms. Full nudity is welcome in the wellness area, in the Intimate Playground and during certain workshops and activities, in which case it will be indicated during the workshop (and ideally beforehand). Being nude is never expected of anyone. Wanna suddenly dance naked for a while on the dancefloor? Go for it. But put your bottoms back on before you dive into that stack of pillows.

The Intimate Playground, which is a wonderful tent where you can safely and comfortably explore sexuality. There will be workshops and sometimes a so-called open space. During open space can explore your sexuality while the area is being looked after by a team of spaceholders.

The Intimate Playground is in very carefully selected spot on the terrain. Meaning it's easy to find and just as easy to ignore. And there'll be always plenty of other stuff going on, so if you don't want to have anything to do with the sexuality part, you will still have a full Nibana experience.

Is there a dress code?

You are very much invited to wear whatever feels right for you. Dressing up, dressing down, dressing extravagantly, wearing a suit and tie, wearing your underwear, trying a different style, dropping gender conformity or simply wearings jeans and a t-shirt are all equally in line with our 'live and let live' principle.

It's OK to be topless, regardless of your anatomy or gender identity.

Bottom-line: you're invited to stay true to yourself and dress however you want to in any given moment.

No drugs & alcohol?!

Yes, we keep Nibana completely free of drugs and alcohol. It’s really really not allowed. We also use our phones as little as possible. We strive to be mentally present while at Nibana.

Nibana is full of opportunities for personal growth. It’s a safe environment where we take responsibility for our own actions and can trust others to do the same. We believe that this can be best achieved when we’re sober.

It might take just a tiny bit longer to loosen up, but when you learn to do so, it’s a skill that you can apply to all aspects of your life.

Added benefits: real human connections, crystal clear memories & no hangovers.

Can I cancel once I have a ticket?

If for whatever reason you can no longer attend Nibana, you can resell your ticket. The best way to do so is through the Facebook event. Perhaps sell them with a small discount and it should be easy. You will need to inform us whom you transferred the ticket to.

We also offer the following money back policy:

  • 100% back until 5 months before the event
  • 75% back until 3 months before the event
  • 50% back until 2 months before the event
  • 25% back until 1 month before the event
Why does Nibana cost what it costs?

Nibana is like a big retreat and we're making lots of costs to make it happen. Since we're organizing it at a bigger scale, the prices are much lower than what you'd pay for an actual retreat.

Quite frankly, to cover for the time we invest in making Nibana happen, the prices should be 1.5 times higher, but we don't want to ask for that.

If you can't afford a Nibana ticket, there are budget tickets available, as explained in the tickets section.

Make sure to get your ticket as soon as possible to get it at the lowest available price and to help making Nibana a reality.

More questions

A bunch of other questions are answered on the practical info page. You can also read more about the concept, the program or the people in our team.

We absolutely LOVE hearing from (potential) participants, so get in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback or even criticism. Message us through the contact form or over Facebook messenger.

Our first brainstorm

This video shows the brainstorm during which our initial vision for Nibana came to be. It's an amazing feeling to see that becoming a reality now. Some people have commented that this video mentions tantra and kink right at the start, which makes it seem more prominent than it's meant to be.