The concept

Here's what forms the foundation for everything we do.

Let's share experiences that help us redefine the rules by which we live.

Mette Koppelaar
Founder of Nibana

Nibana is about authenticity

Nibana's mission is to create shared experiences where we (re)define the rules by which we live and where we can be our most authentic selves. We invite you to experiment and explore. To connect with others and to reflect on your experiences. Nothing is ever expected of you, yet the possibilities are endless.

Everyone is different. And when everyone does exactly what feels right to them in each moment, it creates a wonderful environment. There's so much we can learn from each other. There's so much we can learn about ourselves. Come play and find out what it means to be your most authentic self.

Seven principles to support us

In the process of co-creating Nibana, seven principles were defined. They serve as a foundation for the Nibana culture.

Collaborative community

We create the experience together.

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Live and let live

We celebrate our own and everyone's individual expression.

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We embrace our curiosity and welcome new experiences.

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No intoxication

We keep Nibana free of drugs and alcohol, and limit phone usage.

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Loving communication

We communicate in a caring way and maintain openness.

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Enthusiastic consent

We respect each other's space, stuff, boundaries and privacy.

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Care for the earth

We're all part of nature and collectively care for the terrain.

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Rules, consent, values, safety & inclusion

We take safety very seriously and have used our co-creating process to create a number of guidelines that help making Nibana a safer space. Most of these guideliness are available for oher organizers to use under a Creative Commons licence:

Back to the beginning

It all started with a brainstorm in the park. We want to acknowledge that some people have commented that this video mentions tantra and kink right at the start. This makes these topics seem more prominent than they're meant to be.

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