The concept

Our philosophy, the principles and the co-creation process.

Nibana is like Burning Man's extravagant little sister that isn't on drugs or alcohol.

Sander Koppelaar
Founder of Nibana

Why Nibana?

We believe that we all have the right to play. To express ourselves fully. And that this means something different for everyone. To try different things and to explore different sides of ourselves. To fly, to fall and to feel that both are equally welcome.

Small festival. Big retreat. Micro-burn.

At Nibana we can experiment. It's a week-long festival where most activities happen during the day. We shape the experience together. There are no drugs and alcohol and we live by seven principles to create a safe space where pretty much everything is possible and we can learn about ourselves.

Nibana explained

The seven principles

In the process of co-creating Nibana, seven principles were defined. They serve as an invitation of what life at Nibana might look like.

Collaborative community

We create the experience together.

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Live and let live

We celebrate our own and everyone's individual expression.

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We embrace our curiosity and welcome new experiences.

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No intoxication

We keep Nibana free of drugs and alcohol, and limit phone usage.

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Loving communication

We communicate in a caring way and maintain openness.

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Enthusiastic consent

We respect each other's space, stuff, boundaries and privacy.

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Care for the earth

We're all part of nature and collectively care for the terrain.

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Rules, consent, safety & inclusion

Freedom requires responsibility. We've used our co-creating process to decide on the terrain guide & rules that define how to navigate the terrain in a respectful way, guidelines for intimate interactions between team members and participants, general consent guidelines to stimulate safe and enjoyable interactions for everyone, team values to support a healthy 'working' environment and a checklist to support team members in creating safe & inclusive spaces.

...find out more about the program, get to know our people, check out the practical info, or have a look at the tickets.