Nibana Festival

Nibana Summer Festival

Gatherings with around 250 people in France, The Netherlands and Germany. A place where pretty much anything is possible and you can experience different sides of yourself.

Play. Connect. Reflect.

Breathe in the freedom. Connect with amazing fellow humans. Dress up. Dress down. Express yourself, play and experiment.

Join this day's opening ceremony. Explore the beautiful green terrain and enjoy the playgrounds.

Participate in stimulating workshops or host one yourself. Eat. Help cook. Relax. Dance. Dip in the hot-tub. Or just do nothing at all.

Life is exactly what we make it. Together.

Workshops, ceremonies, experiences

Nibana Festivals are a combination of Nibana ceremonies with co-creative activities, so everyone's creative ideas can become reality. We've defined six themes that help to understand what kind of experiences Nibana is all about: the body, conscious sexuality, creativity, dance & movement, self-exploration and community.

The team

Nibana could never exist without an enormous group of people that have each contributed in their own way. We'd like to introduce them to you.

..learn all about the concept, see event photos, find out more about the program or check out the practical info.