Practical info

All the information you need to arrive fully prepared.

Location & how to get there

Nibana is a stretched out terrain in the beautiful Loire Valley in France. Have a look below to view all possibilities of traveling to the festival.

Exact location

Nibana is located in the Loire Valley, France, near the little pitoresque village of Coullons and a slightly bigger city called Gien. Nibana doesn't have a proper address and can be found most easily using coordinates:

47.613861, 2.521917 (Open in Google Maps)

By car

Nibana is an 8 hour drive from Amsterdam, 9 hours from London, 10 hours from Barcelona, 13 hours from Berlin or Madrid, 7 hours from Zürich and 9 hours from Milan. You can plan your trip using Google Maps.

Parking is available on the terrain.

If you're going by car and have some seats left, please offer them in the Ride Sharing Sheet. It's more fun, better for the environment and you can share the fuel costs.

By public transport

The nearest train station, Gien, lies 14km from Nibana. It's a 85 minute train ride from Paris. From Gien you can take a bus to Coullons, which is 3km from the festival terrain. The quicker you buy your train tickets, the cheaper they are.

You can take a Flixbus to Paris and a train to Gien from there.

Train tickets are available via SNCF and Trainline EU.

Shuttle bus

There's a shuttle bus between Utrecht, The Netherlands, and Nibana. The shuttle bus for Nibana 2019 is fully booked.

The shuttle bus leaves from Utrecht Central station on Friday night (28 June) at 21:45. The bus arrives around 08:00 the next morning. You can find the bus by going to Veemarktplein in Utrecht. The bus carries the name “De Avonturier”. The bus will leave exactly on time, so it’s better to be 30 minutes early than 5 minutes late. Make sure you carry ID on you, meaning a passport or European identity card. A non-French driver’s licence does not count as ID.

If you're at Veemarktplein and still cannot find the bus, get in touch with Sybren at +31 6 3377 9894.

The return bus leaves Nibana Saturday morning at 08:45 to return in Utrecht again around 19:00. The bus leaves exactly in time, so make sure to be there.

Ride sharing

We've created a Google Sheet to enable ride sharing between participants. It's more fun, better for the environment and you can share the fuel costs. Have a look at the sheet.

Contacting Nibana

Before reaching out to us, please consider that the festival days are really busy times for the team. Most information can be found on the website or in this email. If you cannot find the information yourself, you are very welcome to get in touch with us. To reach the shuttle bus, check out the shuttle bus section above. You can reach the festival coordination team at +31 6 1633 5010. You can also give this phone number to those close to you, in case they need to reach you during the week and you’re keeping your phone off (which we highly recommend). 

What does the terrain look like?

You can find photos of our beautiful terrain at the bottom of this page.

Dates & tickets

Nibana will take place for one week. The Saturdays are mostly arrival/departure days and the festival takes place from Sunday till Friday.

How far in advance should I get a ticket?

Nibana started out just like a Kickstarter. Luckily enough people bought their ticket before the deadline, so Nibana is definitely happening! Fow now, we'll keep selling tickets at the same price. Ticket prices might go up a bit as we get closer to the event date.

Make sure you follow Nibana on Facebook or Instagram to know when a sales round is about to end.

Will I enjoy Nibana for a full week?

Yes! It might take you a while to get warmed up, but once you do, you will most likely want a full week of it.

The program has been designed in a particular way. We start slowly, build it up during the week, and then have a smooth landing at the end of the week again.

And there's a plan for each day. There are four time-windows during which you can participate in a whole bunch of workshops. There are also specific moments to reflect on what we've experienced and to share this with fellow participants. And there are moments where we connect as a group.

Attending Nibana for a full week gives you the opportunity to enjoy all different aspects of the festival in a relaxed way

So you can participate in the workshops, relax in the wellness area, but also do things like taking a bar-shift, enjoying the nature on the terrain, sitting around the fire while looking at the stars or just do nothing for a day.

We invite you to give yourself some time to arrive, to enjoy, and then to integrate all of your experiences.

Why does Nibana cost what it costs?

Nibana is like a big retreat. Each day there's a program full of workshops offered by professional workshop facilitators and supported by a professional team. Since we're organizing it at a bigger scale, the prices are lower as what you would pay for a regular retreat and the teams work on a voluntary basis. Still, it costs a lot of money to organise an event like this. The price reflects the costs that we need to make, to make it happen.

If you don't have that money available, there are a few possibilities. There are volunteering options and there are lower-income tickets available. All of which can be found in the tickets section.

Can I resell my ticket if I cannot attend anymore?

Yes. If for whatever reason you can no longer attend Nibana, you're allowed to resell your ticket. We'll make a dedicated section on the website where you can easily resell tickets to those that are still looking for a ticket. You will need to inform us whom you transferred the ticket to.

Can I attend as a volunteer?

We offer a limited amount of volunteering tickets. Volunteers spend a certain amount of time working, but also get a lot of time to participate in the activities. As a volunteer you pay a reduced ticket price. If you're interested, let us know.

Understanding the concept

What exactly is Nibana? A retreat, a festival or a burn?

We like to think we're a bit of all of these. In a way we're a big 300-people retreat. There's a program led by experienced ceremony leaders and professional workshop facilitators that allows you to have a retreat-like experience.

Nibana is also a festival. We have a big beautiful terrain where you can walk around and explore. Where retreats tend to focus on a single topic, Nibana allows you to try many different things. Experiment, then stick with it or change your mind. Do whatever feels right to you. Play. Reflect. Repeat.

Sander's participation in Burning Man (2011 and 2018) has been a major source of inspiration for Nibana. The feeling of ultimate freedom. Dropping the plan, trying things he'd never think he'd do, and embracing whatever the day will bring.

Burning Man also reflects in our co-creation spirit. Everyone can be a part in the process of creating Nibana. We ask everyone to contribute a 3-hour team shift, to help make the festival work. During the festival anyone can offer a workshop, so we very much welcome everyone's creativity. We love the the concept of carrying the week together with the group as a whole. And as an added benefit, we need less staff and therefore can have lower ticket price.

What does a typical day look like?

How you actually spend your day is 100% up to you. We offer a daily program, which offers a wide array of possibilities. On most days it looks like this:

07:00 - 08:30 Early morning practice
08:30 - 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 11:15 Day opening
11:30 - 13:30 Workshop round 1
13:30 - 15:30 Lunch and chill
15:30 - 18:30 Workshop round 2
18:30 - 20:30 Dinner and chill
20:30 - 23:00 Evening program
No drugs and alcohol?!

Yes, we keep Nibana completely free of drugs and alcohol. It’s really really not allowed.

Nibana is full of opportunities for personal growth. It’s a safe environment where we take responsibility for our own actions and can trust others to do the same. We believe that this can be best achieved when we’re sober.

Sometimes, it might take just a tiny bit longer to loosen up, but when you learn to do so, it’s a skill that you can apply to all aspects of your life.

Added benefits: real human connections, crystal clear memories & no hangovers.

What about phones and photos?

To protect everone's privacy, taking photos of other people is not allowed on the terrain. We highly encourage you to switch off your phone for the week. There's a phone drop-off point where you can hand in (and retrieve) your phone at certain time slots during the day.

We'll have a photographer walking around at certain moments. She'll be very sensitive about when to take photos or not. There'll be a signal to indicate you don't want to be in a particular photo, photos can always be deleted upon request and there will be a wristband system that allows you to indicate that you don't want to be recognizable on any photos.

How does Nibana's co-creation work?

Co-creation is the basis of Nibana. While we're preparing for the festival, you can join the conversation online or join one of our co-creation events. For more info, see the co-creation section of the website.

During the festival there are various ways in which co-creation takes place. First and foremost, anyone can offer a workshop, as long as it's safe. Furthermore we ask everyone to contribute a 3-hour team shift, so we carry the week together. This idea of active participation, instead of mere consumption, has been borrowed from Burning Man and leads to a completely different festival experience. As an added benefit, we need less staff and therefore can have lower ticket price.

Last but not least, we offer a limited amount of volunteering tickets. Volunteers spend a certain amount of time working, but also get a lot of time to participate in the activities. As a volunteer you pay a reduced ticket price. If you're interested, let us know.

Can you say more about the role of sexuality?

Sexuality is a big part of life. Life cannot exist without it. It's so present, yet often suppressed. In order to offer the opportunity to explore sexuality, we've created a special playground for it, meaning a small dedicated area of the terrain. The playground is not open 24/7 and is looked after by a team of so called spaceholders during opening hours. It's a home to sexually oriented workshops and conscious ceremonies. It is definitely not a place for easy sex or a hook-up.

We also have a playground for wellness and nudity. That playground is explicitly not meant for sexual activity.

Having said all this, Nibana is a place where you can explore various aspects of your sexuality in a safe and conscious way, and where a selection of amazing workshop facilitators can support you in doing so.

Attending Nibana

What 'kind' of people attend Nibana?

Nibana is a place to live and let live. We actively welcome all (adult) ages, shapes, colors, ethnicities, genders, orientations, religions and cultures.

Part of our crowd considers themselves to be quite mainstream, while others can relate to keywords such as conscious, hippy, (ecstatic) dance, yoga, tantra, poly, LGBTQ, kinky or many others. While most people are in the 20-45 age range, everyone that's 18+ is welcome to participate.

Whether you consider yourself part of the majority or a minority; know that you are welcome here.

How many people attend?

To create an intimate vibe where we can all feel connected, each of the two weeks is limited to roughly 300 people.

Can I attend by myself?

Yes, please! Many of our participants come by themselves. It gives you the freedom to follow your every impulse and creates so much space to meet new people. You're in good hands: we pay lots of attention to building a strong community during the week. Attending by yourself surely is an enriching experience.

Do I have to participate in the activities?

Absolutely not. And you don't have to justify yourself either. One of our principles is 'live and let live', meaning that we're creating a space where everyone can do what's right for them. We strongly encourage you to join the day opening at 10AM, since it's a great way to stay connected to the group, but it's fully up to you.

Is there a dress code?

You are very much invited to wear whatever feels right for you. Dressing extravagantly, trying a different style, dropping gender conformity or simply wearings jeans and a t-shirt are all equally in line with our 'live and let live' principle.

All genders are allowed to be topless on the terrain. For full nudity, we have a dedicated playground.

How are the workshop facilitators being selected?

We're selecting a group of workshop facilitators that together have more than enough qualities to offer a varied program in which all six workshop themes are represented. We invite workshop facilitators that have both passion and experience. Most of them do this for a living and offer their own retreats and/or workshops.

We're aiming for diversity in the group in terms of gender, origin, ethnicity and age, and very much welcome suggestions on how to do this better.

Can I facilitate a workshop or activity?

Yes, please! Everyone can offer a workshop, or propose an activity. Talk to us and, if it fits in the program, we'll write it on the board and you're good to go.


What should I bring? What to leave home?

In any case, bring a flashlight, a cup, a plate, a bowl, and cutlery, even if you've ordered a meal plan. Bring a small towel for drying/sauna and a big one, as you'll need it for certain workshops (massage, etc).

If you're cooking yourself, bring whatever you need to cook, such as a camping stove. You could bring a cool box and freezer packs. We offer a freezer to cool your freezer packs.

It's a good idea to bring a notebook and a pen, so you can take notes or write things down.

Bring enough 50-Eurocent coins, since you'll need them in order to shower.

Bring whatever you need for your accommodation. If you've booked accommodation with us, bring sheets and a pillow.

If you feel like it, bring an instrument. Certainly bring hoolahoops, extravagant clothing, supplies to make art, toys and whatever you can think of to spice things up.

Definitely do not bring: glass, drugs and alcohol.

What are the arrival & departure times?

The weeks start and end on Saturday. You're welcome on the terrain as of 14:00 and are advised to arrive before 17:00 if possible. The opening ceremony of the week will start at 19:30.

The closing ceremony of each week takes place on Friday and on Saturday you're asked to leave before 10AM. After the second week there's room for some people to stay a bit longer and help us take down the decorations. After Nibana you can stay on the terrain for up to six more nights. More info on that can be found below.

Where will I sleep?

Most people bring their own tent. You can also bring a van to sleep in. Normal cars will have to be parked on the parking lot

We also have a limited amount of bungalows and small shacks available, and we're offering dorm tents. Check out the tickets section for more info.

What's arranged in terms of food and drinks?

Free tea and water are always available. Other drinks can be purchased for a fair price; both basic alternatives as well as fancier drinks. There will be fruit and snacks for sale too in the Nibanana Bar.

Every morning the local baker comes to the terrain with a selection of different kinds of bread.

You're very welcome to bring your own cooking equipment, food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. There's a freezer available to cool your freezer packs in order to preserve your food in your own cool box.

There's the option of ordering a meal plan in advance, which costs €145 per week and includes dinner on the Saturday you arrive and three delicious vegan meals per day from Sunday till Friday. There's also a dinner only meal plan available for €89 per week. Both are available in the tickets section.

A supermarket can be found 3 kilometres (2 miles) from the terrain.

Are there lockers?

There are no lockers, but we do provide the possibility to hand in your phones and other devices. You can hand in and retrieve these at certain time slots during the day.

Money on the terrain?

You won't need much money at Nibana. The program is fully included, so you might only need money for the Nibanana Bar or to book one on one sessions with facilitators.

You can order drinks, coffee, fruit and wholesome snacks at the Nibanana Bar in the Center Camp. Prices range from €1 to €4,50. To pay, you'll need a Nibanana Card. Please order your cards beforehand and receive them right upon arrival. You can also buy them on the terrain (using cash), but waiting times would be much shorter if everyone were to order them beforehand. Each card represents a value of €15. Any unused credit can be retrieved easily after Nibana, so don't worry about buying too many cards.

In theory we accept European/Meastro debit cards, but the Internet connection is really flaky, so it often doesn't work. So please bring cash or use the ATM in the the village of Coullons (3KM).

Can I bring my doggie?

We love doggies, but no, you cannot bring them. We only allow humans and unicorns.

Is medic First Aid available?

Nibana is a small event and has no dedicated Medic First Aid (MFA) team. Everyone carries the responsibility to take care of themselves and each other. More about this can be read in the Medic First Aid guidelines.

Is Nibana wheelchair accessible?

We cannot guarantee that the terrain is fully wheelchair accessible. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, so please get in touch if you have any questions/suggestions about this.

Can I stay a bit longer after Nibana?

Yes! After Nibana you can stay on the terrain for up to six more nights at a cost of €10 per night. There will be no more program and facilities available and we do ask that you contribute a few hours on Saturday taking down decoration.

Terrain photos

..still have questions? That's a great excuse to get in touch with us!