A big playground full of possibilities to safely explore different sides of yourself.

6 types of workshops

Explore alone. Connect with others. Go outside your comfort zone or play it safe.

Twenty-five hectares of pure freedom in sunny France.

Our home is a beautiful green terrain in the French countryside. It's small enough to be cozy, yet big enough to wander off. The various playgrounds on the terrain each cater to a different mood.

How to get there

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  • Campgrounds

    Where we live and eat

  • Workshop areas

    Where so much magic happens

  • The sacred fire

    Where our spirit always burns

  • Wellness area

    Hot-tub, sauna, fire. Nudity welcome.

  • Tipi of Silence

    Where reflection can happen in peace

  • Tantric Temple

    Where sensuality and sexuality are explored

Workshop facilitators

Passionate workshop facilitors that live to create magic. All together in the same spot.

The body

A selection of workshops related to The Body, that you can participate in at Nibana:

Osho Meditations

Offered by Chris & others

Chris has a unique way of offering various Osho meditations. These meditations are perfect for you if you cannot simply sit still and shut down your mind. And yes, that's most of us. Get ready to move and jump, maybe even scream. This is the kind of thing that may look weird from the outside, but can be a total eye-opener once you've experienced it. Give it a go, and judge for yourself.

Massage with music

Offered by Rianne & Mirte

Traditional oil based massage combined with music. We'll pair up with a partner that we feel comfortable with. Rianne and Mirte will guide us through a massage exchange. Either traditional oil based massage or Thai massage; a slightly more acrobatic massage form with all our clothes on.

Yin yoga journey

Offered by Dieke

Yin yoga is a beautiful slow form of yoga where each pose is held for three to five minutes. Some poses feel relaxing, while others may bring discomfort. In either case we learn to rest with whatever feelings arise. Dieke combines yin yoga with the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine.

Energetic Bodywork

Offered by Aranka

Aranka takes us on a little journey where we move our energy and bring life into the body.

Whole World Upside Down

Offered by Jethro

A holistic handstand workshop. We'll learn just what it takes to stand firmly balanced on your hands. A handstand is so much more than just a cool move. Besides being a full body exercise (it's not just about the arms), it is also a beautiful tool for cultivating more self-awareness and strengthening the body-mind connection. In this workshop we will use many different techniques derived from yoga, breakdancing, acrobatics and circus to work towards really understanding a handstand. At the same time we work on the strength and condition needed to stay upside down for some time.

Sensorial Play

Offered by Aranka

Games that invite curiosity, open the senses and connect you to your joy.

Tantra yoga

Offered by Ori

Tantra yoga is is very different to the yoga we usually practice in the west. We learn to move our energy in the channels that exist in our body. Not sure what that means? Only one way to find out!

Shiatsu massage

Offered by Mirte

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on ideas in traditional Chinese medicine. In the Japanese language, shiatsu means "finger pressure". Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, feet and palms; assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization. We'll pair up with a partner that we feel comfortable with and Mirte will guide us through a massage exchange.


A selection of workshops related to Creativity, that you can participate in at Nibana:

Playback theatre

Offered by Maike

We all carry stories. And we all started exploring the world using sounds, play and movement. In this workshop we combine the two. We will use movement, play and voice to replay our and each other's stories. Maike will teach us some playback forms that create creative containers that we will use to reflect the story back to the storyteller. No experience with theatre needed.

Release your inner poet

Offered by Marga

Writing poetry can be a great way to get in touch with your feelings or to simply play around with words. Marga shows us how we don't have to overthink it and how all of us can release our inner poet.

Arctic Icebreaker

Offered by Janneke

This light theatre workshop is a great way to start your week. It is a fun way to get to connect with ourselfs and eachother. No experience needed. Bring: your curiosity.

The screaming choir

Offered by Marga

Who says a choir has to be decent. Who says a choir has to sing? What if we could use our voice in any way we wanted. Whispering, screaming, it's all welcome. Marga will take us on a fun journey that eventually will lead to creating a short group performance.

Cops in the head

Offered by Maike

Sometimes in life you want to do something, but you don't. Say yes, say no, do a dance, stop a project, initiate a connection, whatever. Thoughts in our own head are stopping you from doing it. Let's call these thoughts the cops. We all have them in different froms and moments. And although they are unique in all of us, they carry a lot of similarity. The good news is: you where not born with those thoughts that hold you back. In this workshop we use 'cops in the head' a theatre technique that gives clarity on how we stop ourselves and creates space to collectively find new ways to deal with those critical voices. A workshop that gives inside and clearity while playing.

Writing in nature

Offered by Sacha

We'll be guided through a writing workshop inspired by nature. Connect with both your creativity and your surroundings.

Make your own poi

Offered by Marga

Poi? You may have encountered it on a beach in Thailand. Poi involves swinging weights on a rope, one in each hand, through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. In this workshop we'll create our own poi and learn some basic techniques to use them.

Letting Go

Offered by Maike

To make space for the new, we have to let the old go. This workshop is a ritual, play and visualisation of your dreams. Together we will connect with the part, habit or part of our lives that we want to let go of and welcome the new into life. The workshop involves movement, sound meditation and asmall ritual. A great way to start your week.

Create a natural painting

Offered by Marga

We'll use elements that we find in nature to create a painting. A great workshop to slow down and be inspired by what's already around you. No experience needed.

Dance and Movement

A selection of workshops related to Dance & Movement, that you can participate in at Nibana:

Dance Meditation

Offered by Aranka

Dance meditations a great way to start your day. You're being guided through a movement and breathing practice that lets you connect with your heart and body. Let the structure of the meditation help you to let go of everything and simply be in the moment. No skills needed.

Ecstatic Dance

Various DJ's and ceremony leaders

Ecstatic Dance is better thought of as a personal journey than as a dance party. Even though it looks just like a dance party. Between the opening and closing rituals, we embark on a dance journey based on three guidelines. No shoes, no intoxication and no talking. All emotions and movements are equally welcome, which means you might find yourself jumping up and down, slow dancing or simply chilling on the side.

Deep House Yoga

Offered by Daniel

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most commonly practiced forms of yoga. So let's combine that with... deep house music. Yoga with music that works along with the flow and depth of the classes. On top of that, Daniel likes to include shaking, free movement, dance and tibetan yoga forms that are great to release energy and stress. All of this allows for a deeper connection to our body and helps us to let go of the stories that our minds tell us all day long. This class can either be a great addition to your existing practice, or a fun first experience with yoga.

Joyful Dancing

Offered by Eva

A morning practice with joyful dancing and a meditation afterwards. Get ready to start the day with energy and being centered inside of yourself.

Yin Yang Games

Offered by Jethro

Yin and yang energies are fany words to describe the passive and the active. Through a series of physical games we get to experience some of the most fundamental laws of the universe: the ever ongoing dance of yin and yang. Think (simplified) partner practices derived from martial arts, in which the objectives are to keep balance while trying to test another person's balance, as well as maintaining calm and not using excessive force.

Nude Yoga Journey

Offered by Dieke

A nude yoga journey in which we will explore what it feels like to shed all our layers. Our clothes, but also the walls we put up in our everyday lives. It is all about getting to know your body and mind, about loving and accepting them and about discovering what freedom feels like. A practice of surrender, vulnerability and courage, letting go and softening of insecurities, shame, and identities, and empowering and honouring our energy and the beautiful body that we are in.

Contra partner dance

Offered by Ori

In this workshop we'll first discover new ways of moving with ourselves. As the workshop progresses we learn to bring this on contact with someone else, potentially leading to an amazing high.

Fancy dancing

Offered by Pawel

A dancing workshop where strength and sensuality are combined.

Hip-hop & streetdance

Offered by Eva

A warming up followed by a simple streetdance choreography. Let's have a laugh and move our bodies.

Contact Improv

Offered by Ralf

Contact Improv is a dance style that goes against any structured form of dance. Let go of 'form' and learn to experiment with the various movements your body has to offer you.

Sufi whirling meditation

Offered by Ori

A powerful meditation to music that has its origin in Sufism, the the inward dimension of Islam. You'll be surprised how the simple act of rotating around your axis can have such an amazing effect on your emotional state.

Acro Yoga Basics

Offered by Rianne

Acro Yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. In this workshop we'll work with connection, trust and playfulness in a safe way. Starting with some duo yoga exercises to warm up, connect and feel our body weights. This is followed by an accessible acro forward flying flow in groups of three. No experience needed! You'll just might surprise yourself.

Latin Dance

Offered by Mirte

Salsa and Merengue are popular Latin dance styles originating from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Mirte will take us through the basics. Get ready to lead or to follow. In any case we'll have lots of fun and learn how to move those hips.

Self Exploration

A selection of workshops related to Self Exploration, that you can participate in at Nibana:

Guided meditation in the woods

Offered by Sacha

We'll find a beautiful spot in nature together and be guided through a meditation. Accessible to those who have meditated before and those who have not. Possible outcome: feeling more connected with nature, with yourself and with the festival as a whole.

Trust and surrender

Offered by Chris

What does it feel like when you're (litterally) constrained by the people around you? What is it like to feel fully supported? We embark on a blindfolded journey in groups of three, where each of us get to experience both of these. It's mind-altering experience that just might come with a whole bunch of insights.

Say YES to you

Offered by Roos

In this ritualized workshop you are invited to embrace yourself fully and establish a sincere connection with your inner and outer selves. By forgiving your own mistakes, you open up room for abundant self love, which doesn't necessarily looks like flowers and fairies. The connection with yourself is where all the fun starts.

Ditch the shame

Offered by Dieke

We dive deep into the topic of shame. We create our own shame boards and maybe take a few steps out of our comfort zone and closer to freedom and fully accepting ourselves and others. Using movement, breath, sound, meditations, sharing, connection exercises and group discussions.


Offered by Ralf

Ralf gives us an introduction to communication, based on his knowledge of Non-Violent Communication. A powerful practice that helps people all around the world to clearly, honestly and compassionately express themselves. Better communication helps to improve friendships, relationships and communication with everyone that you encounter.

Sweet Lucid Dreams

Offered by Jethro

A lucid dream is a dream in which you know that you are dreaming. Besides being very exciting and a lot of fun, it is considered to be a powerful learning tool for creativity and personal growth. Jethro is an avid Lucid Dreamer and even gave a TedX talk on the subject in 2015. During this workshop he teaches us how to research our dreamscapes and how to bring consciousness into our dreams.

A Marriage to Yourself

Offered by Roos

A good life is always nicer with a fitting partner. And the best partner in life is simply yourself. Roos guides you through vows which promise self love, taking care of yourself, speaking your truth, and showing forgiveness to yourself. This is a half hour individual ritual. Feel free to bring witness(es) to make your marriage public or come on your own and be your own witness in this moment of self acceptance.

Vipassana Meditation

Offered by Ralf

Vipassana literally translates to Self Development. It's a practice to liberate ourselves from the response that automatically moves us away from whatever we deem unpleasant. Can we witness this unpleasant feeling without having to 'solve' it straight away? Having the capacity to simply 'be' with an unpleasant feeling can massively improve the quality of your life.

Conscious Sexuality

A selection of workshops related to Conscious Sexuality, that you can participate in at Nibana:

The Jealousy Experience

Offered by Roos

We'll look jealousy in the eye. In a held space we'll evoke feelings of jealousy via several exercises and explore which feelings lie underneath it. By gaining insights in our own emotional pitfalls, we'll be working towards self acceptance and a certain lightness when we meet our heavy hearts.

Introduction to Conscious Kink

Offered by Rosie

Conscious Kink helps us expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves. With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings. During this workshop we will explore tools such as impact play, conscious touch, and holding space. While playing with these tools, we will slowly discover our own likes and dislikes, desires and boundaries, and ways to communicate about that.

Meditative Breath Play

Offered by Robert

This workshop starts with a meditative hugging ritual, also known as the super power mega turbo hug, to get extra relaxed. During the second half we'll work in groups of two actually practice breathplay. We're guided through a technique where with a gentle hand movement we can literally taking our partner's breath away. The intention is to give our partner a soothing, sublime time. And boy, it might surprise you how ecstatic it can make you feel to give away control over your breath. This workshop works well with strangers and is only as intimate as you both want it to be.

Flirting, using the power of consent

Offered by Klazien

Flirting. It can come natural. It can be terrifying. Let's play around with it. How do we connect with a stranger in a playful way? How do we do so in a way that we don't invade their personal space.

Poetics of intimate encounters

Offered by Pawel

We'll replace the verbal communication of an encounter with a tactile and sensory exploration.

Connective Rope

Offered by Rosie

Surrender is a great tool to let go of the pressure of every day life. Rope can be an incredible tool for surrender. During this workshop we will learn how to use rope to create a save place for our partner to surrender. No complicated knots will be taught. The focus is on connection.

Shiva & Shakti Ritual

Offered by Arja

A ritual that is done in pairs. We use our breath and are being guided through traveling up along the first five chakras. In each stage we express ourselves and connect with our partner in a new way. It is a beautiful journey of discovering each other through our senses. No experience is needed. You don't even need to know what a chakra is.

Relationship sharing group

Offered by Roos

A safe space in which a sharing and conversation on your relational wanderings take place. How to deal with jealousy, how to speak up for your desires, and how to do what you want and take others into account? Or share about any relationship subject that feels relevant to you.

Tantric Lovemaking 1-5

Offered by Arja

Arja offers five separate workshops where we learn to connect with our bodies on a very deep level. In the first, we learn about the perception, control & channeling of the sexual energy. Then, we learn about love and how to explore the heart as a gateway to deeper states of consciousness. Next up: presence. How do we increase our pleasure by being more present in the moment? The forth workshop is about transfiguration. This is a play of polarity between our masculine and feminine qualities. Arja's final workshop is about purity. We'll explore what holds us back to have an harmonious integration of sexuality. Arja's workshop are accessible to everyone and you're invited to stay true to your own desires and boundaries.

Sexual Archetypes

Offered by Rosie

We have been told so often that our sexuality is something to be ashamed of and for many of us this has become a truth. We hide parts of our sexuality in fear of being seen as a slut, or a freak. This is such a shame, because those parts of ourselves are often so very powerful and full of beauty. In this workshop we will reconnect with those parts through a guided meditation based on Archetypal work. So come meet your Inner Slut, Freak, Whore, Witch, Goddess, God, Pervert, Parent, or Other, and be ready for that beauty in you to be empowered.

Be the one

Offered by Pawel

An attentive and mindful encounter with oneself that helps us to better understand what gives us pleasure.

Playfight like a pirate

Offered by Robert & Klazien

We've all heard of 50 shades of grey. The topic of giving/receiving pain is ofter perceived as controversial. Well, it doesn't have to be all serious. This workshop is about using consent to enjoy pain! Enjoy pain? Yeah, you just might. We start the workshop with fun exercises to practice communicating our desires, trying to find our 'pain sweet spot'. The second half, we become pirates and beat each other up a little, hoping to find the location of the treasure! Expect a light, fun workshop, with plenty of laughter.

Intro to dominance & submission

Offered by Klazien & Robert

Dominance and submission. Taking control and daring to let go of it. They're interesting dynamics that affect all aspects of our lives. Becoming more conscious about these dynamics in intimate settings can help us to better understand ourselves and to connect with each other. During this workshop we learn about, and play with, some basic principles of dominance and submission. We'll learn how to play around with power dynamics, while making sure we don't cross each other's boundaries.


Offered by Arja

During this workshop, we're taken on a journey to discover our yoni in a way we might have never done before. Yoni? That's fancy tantric slang for the vulva/vagina. This workshop is for yoni-owners only and includes nudity, to the degree that each individual person feel comfortable with.


A selection of workshops related to Community, that you can participate in at Nibana:

Playful Storytelling

Offered by Janneke

How to break loose from the social filter in your head? We'll learn to let our imagination run wild and free. By sharing our stories, we'll learn and grow together as a tribe. Janneke will help us to create a field of curious energy where we'll explore our crazy and beautiful mind.

Philosophical speed dating

Offered by Janneke

This is not dating in the romantic sense of the word, but it's quite an experience. Two big circles. A bell to switch partners. Three minutes per round. Active listening tools. One question.

Meditative Chinese tea ceremony

Offered by Sacha

An ancient practice that is a great way to find stillness within. Each ceremony can fit up to ten persons.

Nature, our teacher

Offered by Eva

We're guided into nature with a guided meditation walk, to arrive inside yourself and to observe nature. You're guided into nature as an example to learn from. Next you we'll each make a natural presentation to express 'where we are at'.

Sound Healing Ceremony

Offered by Daniel

This is a group ceremony where mantra singing is combined with shaman instruments and sound healing. The close proximity of tibetan sound bowls will let you experience not only a sound bath, but you'll literally feel the vibrations of the bowls on the body. A great evening activity to let go over everything and fully relax.

Mantra Singing

Offered by Chris & others

A campfire, a bunch of amazing musicians and endless beautiful mantra songs that anyone can sing along to. This is what long Summer nights were made for.

Wildernis skills

Offered by Sacha

Nature has so much to offer. Depending on our mood this workshop could take us to primitive fire making, wood carving (bring a pocket knife), making shelters, making rope from nettles or foraging wild plants.

Team Shift

Offered by YOU!

Nibana is a co-creation meaning that you can get involved in all sorts of ways. You can help cooking, tidying the terrain, offer a workshop or activity or volunteer behind the bar.

..learn all about the concept, get to know our people check out the practical info, or have a look at the tickets.