Co-creating the program

A playground full of possibilities to safely explore different sides of yourself.

6 types of experiences

Join an activity or create one yourself. Explore alone. Connect with others. Go outside your comfort zone or play it safe.

Workshop examples

To gain a better understanding about the concrete workshops you could offer or attend, check out the workshop overview of the last Summer Festival.

Twenty-five hectares of pure freedom in sunny France.

Our home is a beautiful green terrain in the French countryside. It's small enough to be cozy, yet big enough to wander off. The various playgrounds on the terrain each cater to a different mood.

How to get there

See terrain photos

  • Campgrounds

    Where we live and eat

  • Workshop areas

    Where so much magic happens

  • The sacred fire

    Where our spirit always burns

  • Wellness area

    Hot-tub, sauna, fire. Nudity welcome.

  • The universe

    A silent area to take a break from it all

  • Intimate Playground

    Where sensuality and sexuality are explored


With so many different things to do, truly everyone can contribute.

..learn all about the concept, have a look at the photos check out the practical info or have a look at the tickets.