A playground full of possibilities to safely explore different sides of yourself.

6 types of experiences

Join in on an activity or create one yourself. Explore alone. Connect with others. Go outside your comfort zone or play it safe.

Three warm houses with enough space for all of us.

This winter (January 2020) we have a yin-house to feel cozy, a yang-house to dance & express, and a small separate house to be intimate. Combined, it's small enough to be cozy, yet big enough to have your own space. And there's a bed for everyone.

How to get there

  • The bedrooms

    Comfy bed rooms of various sizes.

  • Workshop areas

    Where we create magic together.

  • The living room

    Where we eat or hang around the fireplace.

  • Wellness area

    A hot-tub, a fire and community.

  • Silent eating area

    For when you want to eat in silence.

  • Intimate playgrounds

    Where intimacy can be explored.


With somemany different things to be done, truly everyone can contribute something:

..learn all about the concept, get to know our people check out the practical info, or have a look at the tickets.