What EXACTLY is the Conscious Winter Burn?

Since many people reached out with questions about the Conscious Winter Burn (24-26 January 2020), we decided it'd be good to explain exactly what will happen. So without further ado, here's the plan:


Upon arriving at our wonderful group accommodation in the countryside of Brabant, you’ll receive a warm welcome and are invited to settle into your room. We’ll all eat together and there will be a sweet evening program focussed on gently connecting to those around us.


Saturday is build-your-own-retreat day™. Some of the proposed activities so far: partner yoga, fire making, guided nude model drawing (draw or be drawn), Osho dynamic meditation, tantric eating, silent eating, pelvic release sessions, 8-hands massage, yoni yoga, receiving and giving a no, clothing swap, learning how to fly, setting intentions for the new year and dream interpretation. More experiences are being added each day and can also simply emerge during the burn.

Saturday night

On Saturday night we're planning a biiiiiiig party with DJ's such as Yarun Dee and Sefrijn. The possibilities are endless. We'll create a bunch of areas together to cater to all different moods. Think dance area, cuddle areas, a massage room, an open stage, a mantra circle, an intimate playground, indoor fireplaces, a chai tea corner, board games, a hot-tub and whatever else emerges. There's a transformation corner in the making, an idea to create a space to try naked dancing and participants are planning to make the rounds with a fruit & chocolate platter. Have ideas how to make it even better? Contribute here.


On Sunday we take it easy. We'll have plenty of time for breakfast. There's even a Room Service team in the making. We can share more workshops and activities and our intention is to add outdoor group activities to the mix. We'll end the weekend the same way we started it. We'll briefly tidy up together and come together for a connective closing ritual.

Let's make it even better

This is only the program as it exists so far and, with two months to come, there's a lot of opportunity to make it even better. The program is created by creative participants just like you. We invite you wholeheartedly to think about what you can contribute. It doesn't have to be complicated for it to add value. You could write cards with connection challenges, dress up as cupid and facilitate 3-minute speed dates during the party, do face paints, think of a great way to welcome people on Friday, decorate a toilet, bring and hand out snacks, offer free hugs, or whatever else you can think of!

Team shifts

Not everyone contributes to the program, but everyone contributes in one way or another. We'll need plenty of people for some of the more practical things, so if you're not the workshop facilitator type, you're super welcome to help in the kitchen, which as we all know, is the heart of each party.

The early bird sale ends this Sunday

Soooo if you feel like joining, now would be a particularly good time to do so. This Sunday (1 December) the early bird sale comes to an end. Good to know: there's the possibility of paying 50% now, 50% later. And we have (limited) budget tickets available. You can find it all in the ticket section.

Talk to us

Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Send us a message! Whether it's a compliment or a criticism, hearing back from you is the kind of thing that keeps us going.